Understanding Food and Climate Change: A Systems Perspective

1. Introduction: What Makes Food and Climate Change a Compelling Topic for Ecological Education?

2. Why Is Thinking about Food and Climate Change Challenging?

3. How Can a Systems Perspective Help Our Understanding?

4. What Is the Greenhouse Effect, and Why Does It Matter?

5. Is Carbon the Enemy?

6. Is Dirt Alive?

7. Do Food Miles Matter?

8. Meat and Dairy: Major Problem or Part of the Solution?

9. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Beer… What’s the Future for My Favorite Foods?

10. Climate Justice: What’s Fair?

11. Is Agroecology the Antidote to Industrial Agriculture?

12. Are We Living in the Country of Waste?

13. Can Public Policy Help Build Healthy Soil?

14. What Can We Do?



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